Mt Theo Outstation Case Manager

  • Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC)
  • Yuendumu NT
  • Annual Salary: $89776
  • Annual Leave: 7 weeks plus 17.5% loading
  • Accommodation: Provided at $25 per week rent, includes utilities, phone and internet
  • Vehicle: Provided for work purposes
  • Additional Leave: 1 paid rostered day off every 2 months
  • Extras: Salary Sacrifice is available up to $15000 per annum. An airfare allowance up to $1000 is provided after each 12 months of service.



Position Background

The Mt Theo Outstation Program is a residential rehabilitation program that offers cultural reconnection and healing, AOD education and youth diversion support, alongside professional case management to at risk Warlpiri youth aged between 12 and 25 years of age, impacted by substance misuse, family violence and / or involved with the youth justice system. The Mt Theo Outstation Program is delivered ‘on country’ at Mt Theo Outstation, which is located in the healing country of Purtulu, 170km north west of Yuendumu.

The primary aims of the Mt Theo Program are to support at risk Warlpiri youth to:

• Reduce substance misuse
• Reduce recidivism (repeat offending)
• Re-engage with culture to enhance self-esteem and identity
• Improve physical, social and emotional wellbeing
• Enhance relationships and connection with family, culture and community
• Promote prosocial behaviours and move young people towards positive and meaningful future pathways

Primary Purpose of the Position

WYDAC is seeking a dynamic, committed and experienced Case Manager with high level skills and a passion for working with at risk Aboriginal youth. This is a unique opportunity to provide at risk Warlpiri youth with a client centered, strengths based, family focused, bicultural model of case management and support.

Based in Yuendumu, the primary purpose of this position is to provide holistic case management and support to at risk young people (aged 12-25) whilst residing at the Mt Theo Outstation and upon their return to community. You will not only be working with and empowering the young person as an individual using a strengths-based approach, you will also be working closely with the family of the young person, with the support and guidance of a Warlpiri Mentor, within the context of WYDAC’s unique bicultural or two-way practice model.

Whilst largely based in Yuendumu, this position will require at least three overnight stays per week at Mt Theo and camping out on country from time on a regular roster during program delivery. This position may also require occasional travel to other Warlpiri communities and / or into Alice Springs.
This is a very hands-on position that requires some degree of physical fitness.

Reporting Relationships

The Case Manager will be responsible to the Mt Theo Outstation Program Manager (for Operational matters) and the Youth Diversion Program Coordinator (for Case Management Supervision), as well as WYDAC Management Team and Board.

The Mt Theo Outstation Case Manager will also work in close liaison with the Mt Theo Outstation Warlpiri Mentor / Assistant Case Manager in a two-way learning arrangement, where the Warlpiri Mentor will be responsible for developing your cultural competency and ensuring that you operate in a culturally safe manner and you will be responsible for developing the advocacy and case management skills of the Warlpiri Mentor thereby building their capacity to navigate and operate within mainstream systems.

The Mt Theo Outstation Case Manager will be a valued member of the Mt Theo Outstation and Youth Diversion Team and will be encouraged to actively foster and develop relationships within the team, with other agencies and stakeholders and within the community.

Duties and Responsibilities

Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation

• Contribute to the development and delivery of a best practice, client centered, trauma informed, strengths based, family focused, bicultural model of case management and support for at risk Warlpiri youth
• Ensure that the WYDAC’s Mt Theo Outstation / Youth Diversion Program leads to evidence-based outcomes for the young people involved, empowering them to successfully complete any youth justice / diversion requirements, implement positive lifestyle changes and re-engage with the community.
• Apply an in-depth knowledge of restorative justice processes including family and victim offender conferencing, where appropriate.
• Ensure quality facilitation of group-based psycho-educational and criminogenic needs focused programs are being delivered for Mt Theo / Youth Diversion clients.
• Apply sound theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the development, delivery and evaluation of programs and a range of services.
• Supervise and reflect on all Mt Theo Outstation / Youth Diversion program activities with the team, as part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement.
• Manage own professional development in responding to domestic and family violence, alcohol and other drugs, and mental health.
• Identify the relationship between factors which influence young people’s behaviours and evidence of effective practice in working with at risk youth.
• Ensure that youth justice clients criminogenic needs are addressed through the provision of quality supervision, program participation and case management support.
• Be an active member of a multidisciplinary team, participate in regular clinical supervision and ongoing professional development and training.
• Liaise positively and regularly with external agencies including courts, correctional services, NAAJA, police, clinic, Centrelink etc.

Integrated Case Management

• Support young people impacted by substance abuse, family violence, and /or involved with the youth justice system, to implement positive lifestyle changes, re-engage with family, community and culture.
• Support the referral and assessment of young people into the Mt Theo Outstation Program.
• Ensure that case management plans are developed and reviewed in close collaboration with the young person and their family.
• Provide or ensure that collaborative educational delivery around pertinent issues is undertaken. This delivery can be through other WYDAC programs including Jaru Pirrjirdi (youth program), Jintangku Mardininjaku (community development) and/or Pina pina jarrinjku (learning centre).
• Liaise and consult with both internal and external stakeholders on issues relevant to the management of young people to ensure holistic, integrated and coordinated case management is being provided.
• Support Warlpiri Mentors to develop their capacity to successfully understand and coordinate the case management process, as per policies and procedures including:

– Assess referred clients for admission
– Develop client care plans for entry, evaluation and exit
– Engage with clients, families and staff on the development and implementation of the client care plan
– Maintain up-to-date files including daily case note entry and reporting

• Provide court support and advocacy for young people aged 12-25 attending bush court in Yuendumu – ensuring client and family involvement.
• Case manage all Mt Theo clients (aged 12-25) and Youth Diversion clients (aged 18-25 years) in collaboration with Youth Diversion Program Coordinator.
• Ensure that crisis or critical events are responded to appropriately and in line with any relevant legislation and internal WYDAC policy.
• Liaise with external agencies including courts, correctional services, NAAJA, police, clinic, Centrelink etc.

Supporting Warlpiri Mentors and Program Staff

• Ensure that Warlpiri mentors and other Warlpiri staff are being well supported, developed and engaged with the program.
• Ensure that information from Mentors is documented in file notes. Depending on the mentor, this could mean getting verbal reports from mentor and transferring into data base.
• Liaise with Team and Cultural advisors to identify up and coming mentors.
• Closely collaborate with Youth Diversion Program Coordinator to support individual mentors and their learning needs.
• Build strong relationships with all camps in Yuendumu so as to promote mentor participation across the community.


• Ensure that all client related data is accurately recorded in the database and that extraction of data is conducted in a timely manner, in line with external reporting deadlines as provided.
• Provide high quality reports to the agency as well as to external stakeholders such as courts, youth justice workers and legal supports where applicable.
• Ensure that high levels of communication are maintained within the Mt Theo Outstation and Youth Diversion Team as well as with other WYDAC teams and/or Management as required.

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