Our Services And Fees

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Efficient, Affordable And Accessible – That’s Us. Here Are Your Options (fees are GST inclusive where applicable).

Leave It To Us

Our flagship offering. We’ll check our database, use our own networks and get the word out there. The process can be remarkably quick. There’s no charge unless someone we find for you is engaged in the position. The cost? A measly 4.4% (four point four percent) of the annual salary. True story.

What about temporary roles? We handle them, too. Our temp fee is half that of permanent roles at just 2.2% (two point two percent) of the annual salary. Too good! Terms: 14 days.

Get an instant quote for both here…

DIY Advertising

Lodge your job to include it on our job listings here at Trans Remote. You can include as many documents and images as you wish. It’ll also be included on our mailing list. You handle the rest. The cost? Piffle at $110.00 per job, per ad. No other fees apply. Terms: 7 days.

Parallel Recruit

Advertising elsewhere? Fine. You can still lodge your job with us at the same time at no cost, and if you’re coming up short on quality candidates  when the application window closes, we’ll present you with the credentials of candidates we’ve sourced. If you engage one of our candidates, then the above placement fees apply.

It really is win-win for you….. 🙂 ….

Need A Consultant? Find Someone Else To Love….

Yes, we also maintain a Consultant Index. A one-off small fee is determined by the scope of the consultancy. Terms: 7 days.

Background Stuff

Of course, we do job descriptions, briefs, award alignments, editorials and onsite consultations too. Prices on application.

Go ahead, lodge your job, or give us a call!