About Trans Remote


Trans is an Alice Springs based microbusiness, started by Luke Debuell (me 🙂 ) in December 1997. I also draw on the experience of my colleagues from time-to-time so it’s not all me. It’s kinda “we”.

Many around town still know me as the ex-Manager (1988-1992) of Imanpa community-owned Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse…25 years later! I went on to work with the Port Pirie & Districts Aboriginal Community Centre, and subsequently was engaged as a Recruitment Consultant with the-then Overseas Service Bureau, placing returning volunteers and candidates into jobs on remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It’s when we parted ways that I was encouraged by my colleagues and clients to “go out on my own”.

But I knew that mainstream agency fees were beyond the reach of most remote communities….and thus, in December 1997, Trans Remote Assistance was born. In 1998, transremote.com.au and the TransMail mailing list materialised.

Trans Remote’s first vehicle was a bicycle! Naturally, field visits weren’t in order then, but the business slowly grew though word-of-mouth so maintaining contact with client employers became paramount.

Interestingly, most of the work came out of WA rather than the NT (and still does). Word gets around!

Of course, a vehicle became part of Trans and this essentially changed everything. Mobile, Sat phones. Laptops. Website. Trans became a truly mobile business that could work from virtually anywhere.

On this basis overheads could be kept low, so the fees reflect this. And this is what we set out to do. Providing an affordable, accessible service to our clients – mission accomplished!

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