Who We Look For

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Where do I fit in?

Ultimately, community development focused, culturally competent and good-natured people are the ones that do it for us and our clients. Sound like you?

You’d need to be across contemporary Aboriginal political and social landscapes, and have an appreciation for cultural diversity as the service we provide delivers to an extraordinary range of language groups.

Resilience, transparency, honesty and professionalism, along with a great sense of humour, are looked upon favourably by us and our clients.

Core Professional Areas

Working in any of the professional areas below? We’d love to have you on board, providing you fit the above.

Administration and Office
Art Centre Operations
Building and Trades
Business Development
Chief Executives
Community Coordination
Community Services
Financial Counselling
Financial Management
Human Resources
Indigenous Tourism
Job Services
Land and Natural Resource Management
Legal Services
Mechanical and Engineering
Media Creation and Training
Pastoral Management (livestock)
Retail/Store Management
Workplace Health and Safety

You can learn more about Registration here.