Your Referees

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You’ll need to supply the names and daytime contact telephone numbers (preferably landlines) of at least three employment-related (professional) referees, and also describe their working relationship to you (Manager, Supervisor, etc). They will be contacted if you are either nominated to, or apply for a job.

The referee doesn’t have to be your current employer. Contact us if your circumstances are complicated.

Sometimes (not always) we’ll ask for additional referees as well if we feel that not enough information can be gleaned from our initial discussion.

3 Key Points….

Be honest. Yes, really. We have years of experience in candidate assessment and we’ve heard some wild stories!  If there are any triggers, we’ll drop the pursuit. Immediately.

Let them know that you have nominated them as a referee.

Keep your referee contact details up to date. If we contact you about a job, it’s best to make sure they’re still easily contactable.