Win-Win…How Parallel Recruitment Works For Employers

It doesn’t get much better than this..

Wouldn’t it be great to have a backup recruitment campaign, whilst you’re running one as your mainstream? And one that wouldn’t cost you anything unless you engaged someone from it?

We’ve always offered this option and we’ve got our own name for it – and we’ve had plenty of successes in our time and put employer’s minds at rest, saving them stress as their mainstream application window closes and the applications received just aren’t stacking up.

How it works

  • OK. We get it. You’re advertising your position (or whatever method you’re using elsewhere) 🙁 …nah, that’s cool with us!
  • Throw the job details (description, conditions, employer info) in our direction as well. No charge.
  • We conduct our own campaign (in our own special way…) and we’ll contact you when the application window closes, to see if you need our help (more candidates). No? All good, no charge. Yes? All good, still no charge.
  • We forward our candidates. You ultimately don’t engage any of them…no charge.

    If you do, then our standard, fees apply.

Seriously, why wouldn’t you use this opportunity? All candidates are screened and background checked, then greenlit before you get them.

It all makes sense. Really….