Youth Development Workers

  • Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC)
  • Various locations including Lajamanu, Nyirripi and Yuendumu
  • Annual Salary: $71604 plus 17.5% leave loading
  • Annual Leave: 7 weeks
  • Accommodation: Provided at $25 per week rent, includes utilities, phone and internet
  • Vehicle: Provided for work purposes
  • Additional Leave: N/A
  • Extras: Salary Sacrifice is available up to $15000 per annum.



Multiple positions on offer


Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC) has dedicated itself to developing the strength, health, confidence and leadership of Warlpiri youth since 1993. The program aims to promote positive and meaningful future pathways for all young Warlpiri people. The notable, and sustainable, success of the program has been firmly based on the strength of Warlpiri youth, families and their communities, as well as the ongoing commitment of staff. The program was created by, and for, Warlpiri people, and is governed by a Warlpiri Committee. The WYDAC head office is in Yuendumu Community, however WYDAC is comprised of a variety of programs operating at five different Warlpiri sites – Yuendumu, Willowra, Nyirripi, Lajamanu and Mt Theo Outstation. WYDAC also have an office located in Alice Springs. There are over 70 staff across the entire organisation with more than half of these being Warlpiri people.

Primary purpose of the position

The primary role of the Youth Development Worker (YDW) will be to provide a program of diversionary and development youth activities responsive to the needs of the youth, the community and in line with the strategic direction of the organization. The activities provide daily opportunities for engagement with healthy and positive diversionary activities, which in turn can deter Warlpiri young people from engaging in risky or problematic behaviors. Youth development activities are provided with the aim of building resilience, confidence and skills of young Warlpiri people

This position has an emphasis on engaging with young Warlpiri men / women, in a culturally appropriate manner.

The following areas are critical to the role and constitute the primary duties required to be successful in fulfilling the duties associated with this position and other duties as directed.

There are 4 key performance areas for this position:

1. Youth Program – Youth Diversion – Manyu Wana Ngurrju

• Work closely with the Jaru Pirrjirdi Team in providing the rostered youth activities program. The youth activities program will involve, not exclusively: basketball, football, softball, disco, film nights, and cultural activities.
• Work with young people in a manner which is respectful, non judgmental and open.
• Monitor and assess behavior and presentations of young people and report any concerns in a timely manner, and in line with organizational policy.
• Ensure disciplinary measures towards young people and that responses to incidents which occur during program delivery are in line with organizational policy
• Be responsive to challenging behaviours that are demonstrated by young people in ways that go beyond punitive or restrictive measures.
• Ensure that diversionary activities are delivered in ways that keep young people, physically and emotionally safe at all times.
• Build relationships with young people, in a manner that upholds professional and personal boundaries.

2. Youth program – Youth Development – Pinarri Jarrinjaku

a) Level 2 development

• Work closely with JPC to support the development of level two development programs, including but not limited to; activities relating to literacy and numeracy, sexual health education, healthy relationships, and informal training opportunities.
• Work closely with JPC to actively engage young people to attend these activities
• Be engaged and actively support Men’s or Women’s nights, as appropriate to YWD gender identification.
• Liaise and collaborate with other relevant community or external agencies as required, especially including hosting visiting workshop/trainers that are working with the youth program.
• Consult and plan activity programs with elders and families with an emphasis on supporting cultural strengths and passing knowledge on to young people.

b) Jaru Development and Mentoring

• Work closely with the JPC to identify and then train young people who demonstrate capacity and desire to become a Jaru worker
• Work closely and respectfully with current Jaru workers to further develop their skills
• Ensure that Jaru supervision occurs in strengths based fashion and all information around incidents or Jaru developments or concerns gets fed back to the JPC in a timely manner.
• Provide support/facilitate Jaru engaging in youth development activity through Women’s/Men’s nights or other training opportunities such as media, certificate training or career pathway opportunities

3. Youth Program – Future Pathways & Leadership – Jaru Pirrjirdi

Level 3 Development

• Actively support young people into employment
• Actively support young people to engage in training opportunities
• Actively support the sub committee meetings that need to take place quarterly
• Actively support young people to develop skills that will assist them to thrive as young leaders and members of their community.

4. Administration

• Mandatory reporting – in line with organisational policy
• Ensure all resources necessary for activities are present and maintained such as required food purchasing, maintenance of sports and music equipment and cleaning of youth activity sites.
• Record all activities within the youth program database and record the names of young people participating in youth activities.
• Assist in the production of internal quarterly and external reports as required.
• Report to Coordinator and attend departmental and organisational meetings as required.

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