FAQ / Interviews

In a perfect world this process would be uniform, collaborative, swift and have a distinct timeline, making it easy for both the employer and interviewee (and us!).

Sadly, such perfection doesn’t always exist but there are still some common elements to most interview processes.

As you can probably imagine, attending an on-site interview in a remote community isn’t quite the same as jumping on public transport and heading into the CBD. There are considerable costs involved – travel, accommodation, telephone interviews, transfers and so on.

How are interviews conducted?

We promote a process which we believe to be the most practical in terms of fairness and of long-term benefit (ie: costs, retention rates). As we require a minimum standard of information from database candidates (jobseekers), so too, do we expect a similar commitment from our client employers. We encourage employers to conduct telephone or videoconferencing (Skype etc) prior to selecting short-listed candidates for on-site interviews.

Who pays for the cost of travel and accommodation to and from interviews?

These costs are covered by the employer. However, you may be responsible for some on-costs (meals etc).

Who pays for travel to my new job?

There will be a relocation condition in your employment contract.

The costs of personal travel to your new place of employment are the responsibility of the employer. Different employers have varying relocation conditions regarding personal items, effects etc.

Who pays for the service provided by Trans?

The service for jobseekers is free. The employer is charged a very small percentage of the annual salary for each position successfully filled from the Trans database.