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I’m on the trans database and have a few queries!

We’re only a little mob but we’ve got a big footprint!. Unfortunately we don’t get to handle every vacancy in every remote community so depending on what your professional area is, it may take some time before you hear from us.

Despite what you might think, competition is high for many jobs in remote communities – you won’t be the only candidate considered for any one job.

Why was my resume/CV returned to me for review?

Did you check out our minimum standards for resume/CV content? If your document/s don’t meet them, we’ll suggest a revamp.

I’ve registered with Trans, but I saw a job advertised by Trans for which I thought I would’ve been eligible. Why wasn’t I contacted by Trans first?

The employer may have requested that we do this, rather than conduct a database search. In some cases it’s a condition of the employer’s funding agreement/s that job vacancies must be advertised.

I’ve worked in other communities before, but I’ve lost contact with my referees and I don’t know how to find them.

There may be members of your former employer’s council who can assist, or a representative from an external agency or funding body. If you’ve worked with an Aboriginal community or organisation before, it’s essential that you provide credible referees who can be contacted by both the requesting employer and us. Always consult with your referees before nominating them, and arrange to keep in contact just in case we need to get in touch. Also, we might know where your referees are!!

Once I’ve registered with Trans, how long will it be before I am contacted regarding a job?

Unfortunately, there are no means by which we could determine this. There’s no frequency rate for vacancies registered with us.

Consider the regions you’ve chosen in your registration, which form part of the “occupation-skills-region-experience” combination used in the search criteria when we initiate a database enquiry.

I’ve never worked in a remote community before. Does this mean that I’m unlikely to get a job through Trans?

Well, it depends on your skills. Perhaps you’ve become a proficient bookkeeper as part of your past duties. Maybe you have excellent manual skills which could be implemented quite effectively in a community setting. You may have effective management ability, which, combined with your financial skills, could make you eligible for a Coordination role. We don’t “pigeon-hole” our candidates, and employers understand this when they lodge their requests with us. We’re always looking for “new blood” and it’d probably be best, if you have any doubts, to contact us just to make sure. We concentrate more on your integrity and ability to perform or develop new skills rather than expect you to come fully equipped with the relevant knowledge. Employers understand this and it’s this approach that has made Trans popular with it’s client communities.

I’ve been on the database a long time and haven’t been contacted yet regarding any positions. Why?

There are a myriad of reasons why this may happen:

Keep your details up-to-date. Candidates who’ve updated in the last 12 months will always rank higher in our search results.

A stable work history is a good thing. Remote employers value stability and take this into consideration (consider the costs involved!).

Your CV/resume may not be comprehensive enough or contain enough detail – Check out our resume/CV page to see our minimum requirements.

Maybe we just haven’t had the right job lodged with us yet….