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office status


Last Updated: 1 April 2016

+ running wild 2016

Once again we'll be hanging around the Top End for most of this year putting finishing touches to projects and

+ kakadu-based in 2015
1April 2015

Staying put? Us? Never! But we're running the show from various locations around the Top End for the remainder of 2015.

+ regional south australia / adelaide
17 August 2014

We're currently doing the rounds in regional South Australia and Adelaide, conducting interviews and having some interesting chats with clients. Contact with us should be easy but there may be gaps in communication whilst we're in transit.

+ on the road - april/may 2014 through 2015
25 June 2014

Our field activities commence late April/early May 2014 and we'll be on the road well in to 2015.

As usual we'll be covering the north of SA, the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of WA, and all of the NT. These are great opportunities to catch up and if you're an employer, we'd love to discuss what we offer and how it can benefit you. Feel free to contact us - the details are on our contact page.

+ in transit - new year soft break
15 December 2013

We're on a "soft break" and will be back on the road and back on deck at the end of January. Employer requests will still be responded to and acted upon, however some admin will be out of action until this time.

+ technical drama - confirmation of registration advices

It's come to our attention that a number of registration confirmations have failed to issue. The problems have been identified and we will be re-issuing the advices over the Jan-Feb 2014 period. Sorry about that!

+ in transit

On the road SA to North QLD! There will be delays in communication from Thursday 12 September until Monday 16 September, so be sure to leave a message if you call and we'll get back to you when we're able to do so..

+ end of wet field trip

As from Friday17 May we'll be in transit so there'll be some minor delays in communication. Email and phone messages will be retrieved daily at regional centres so rest assured, we will be in touch as soon as we can.

+ registrations up to date

As at 1 April all registrations are up to date.

+ new database registrations  

As at 5 March we're approx 4 weeks behind processing new resgistrations. Thanks for your patience.

+ 30 august 2012

We'll be on the road in Nth QLD from Friday August 31 until Tuesday 4 September 2012. There will be some delays in communication.

+ 1 August 2012


End of Dry field trip planning underway. NT and WA. October - December 2012. Do let us know if you'd like a visit!


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