Store Managers (2 positions)

  • Warningkalinga Aboriginal Corporation
  • Angurugu, Groote Eylandt NT
  • Annual Salary: $59,091- $72,728 each
  • Annual Leave: 6 weeks
  • Accommodation: Provided rent-free, includes internet and utilities (power, gas etc)
  • Vehicle: Provided for work use
  • Additional Leave: Negotiable
  • Extras: Travel allowance




Work with key stakeholders to run and improve the daily operations of the already successful community store. Being a community store, the nature of the job is a respectful one, where people’s opinions are valued and respected. The staff are comprised of indigenous and non-indigenous staff.

The store manager will focus on sales, customers and the team. It is expected that the store Manager(s) will be able to maintain all elements of the store and communicate ideas clearly to the team and management alike. Success in the role will be centred on people & measurable results delivered.

The Store Manager will be enthusiastic in creating discipline, routines, implementing procedures and supporting the human aspect of improvement.

Roles and responsibilities

Financial management, such as sales, gross profit and overall profit, in comparison to budgets set, such as:

  • Use of the store’s systems to efficiently manage sales, stock etc
  • Sales- Gross Profit margin and value
  • Wage costs of casual and permanent employees
  • Stock levels and minimise stock wastage
  • Operating costs of the store
  • Data entry and maintenance within the stores internal systems to maintain data quality

Maintain, support & promote good governance and safety in accordance with retail store best practices, such as:

  • Appropriate stock management, ordering, receipting, stock take, rotation etc
  • Staff management, rostering, guidance and development
  • Appropriate sales reconciliations
  • Minimise shrinkage and stock outages
  • Maintain appropriate stock levels, especially for fast moving product lines
  • Solve problems efficiently & effectively
  • Temperature checks
  • Fresh produce review and rotation

Lead the team by example, such as:

  • Maintaining and enhancing processes for different areas of the store
  • Coaching, leading, developing the team in a hands-on constructive manner
  • Administering disciplinary actions where store policies or appropriate laws are not adhered to

Abide by all appropriate laws, ensuring the team you are responsible for are aware of their obligations, such as:

  • Food hygiene generally for the team and customers alike
  • Stock use-by dates
  • Tobacco products

Effectively manage the general items associated with the store, such as:

  • Protect the store’s property e.g. Keys,vehicles & sensitive passwords
  • Practice and promote the use of efficient energy consumption within the store
  • Mitigating risks and threats dealing within security breaches, theft and shrinkage
  • Report all significant incidents of security breaches, theft and shrinkage to the general manager
  • Working collectively with stakeholders to measure, improve and create transparency to the Board

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