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You may register as a consultant, but only if you have successfully carried out consultancies with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander entities previously.

The consultancies you have undertaken should be clearly described in whatever document/s you choose to provide us with, along with associated referees who can elaborate on your work (or include them in the form below).

If this isn’t you, then consider registering for work with us instead.

The following regions are currently serviced by Trans. Choose your preferred regions (multiple choices are fine)*

If you have any comments or specific requirements regarding your engagement and/or the region/s you have chosen, add them below:

If not, declare your rates here (per-hour, per-day, per-project etc)

You'll have to provide us with the daytime (business hours) contact details of at least three consultancy-related referees before your registration can become active.

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And thanks! You should hear from us within 48 hours via email confirming your status.

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