Community Supervisor and Store Manager (2 positions)

  • Jarlmadangah Burru Aboriginal Corporation
  • Jarlmadangah WA
  • Annual Salary: $85000 Community Supervisor (Full Time) and $35000 Store Manager (Part Time)
  • Annual Leave: 5 weeks
  • Accommodation: Large fully furnished 3bdrm, 2 bthrm house provided rent-free, including electricity and internet.
  • Vehicle: Provided for work use only.
  • Additional Leave: N/A
  • Extras: Salary sacrifice is available for both positions. Employer will pay relocation costs up to the value of $1500.



The Jarlmadangah Burru Aboriginal Corporation is seeking a couple (only one 3BR house is available) to fill the following roles of Community Supervisor (Full Time) and Store Manager (Part Time). The duties are interchangeable and salaries can be re-proportioned as suitable.

Intending applicants will need a National Police Check, a Working With Children Card, and be fully Covid vaccinated.

Community Supervisor Overview

This position requires the incumbent to work with and for the board of Jarlmadangah Burru
Aboriginal Corporation. They are to follow all direction and carry out business plan of the


The position also requires the supervision of staff employed under the Remote Essential and
Municipal Services Agreement (REMS) currently in place. These duties include but not
limited to:

  • Ensure all municipal services are completed on a schedule to allow all duties to be
    fulfilled by supervision of staff employed to complete these duties.
  • Ensure all workplace health and safety guidelines are met in terms of agreement.
  • Complete maintenance checks on equipment and maintain a schedule of servicing
    and repairs as required.
  • Full fill all reporting requirements as per agreement schedule in conjunction with
    bookkeeper and maintain full and clear records.
  • Keep MUNS asset register to complete reporting requirements.
  • Duties on behalf of community:
  • Order and control purchase and sale of Power Cards as per process in place.
  • In conjunction with board and chairperson ensure all rents are collected as due to
    provide funding for housing maintenance.
  • Complete regular housing maintenance checks and arrange repairs/replacements as
    necessary within budgetary constraints.
  • Oversee the operation of community store and fuel outlet in conjunction with Store
    Manager. This oversight is to further develop and maintain successful operation of
    the community businesses in line with the community board business plan.
  • Further develop operations of the Mt Anderson Station camp ground to attract
    tourists with assistance and direction from community board. Particular attention to
    be placed on liaising with tourism operators with the view of establishing a joint
    venture from the 2020 tourist season onwards. Emphasis to be placed on
    establishing a successful tourist operation to compliment the recent establishment
    of store, fuel outlet and revamped Culture Art Centre. The aim to provide ongoing
    employment opportunities.
  • Assist the community in seeking grants as required to develop projects and

Store Manager Overview

This position requires the ability to complete all duties related to running a community store
and in addition capable of expanding the store with the installation and operation of a
commercial kitchen in the future.


Duties include but not limited to:

  • Ordering and maintaining stock levels at reasonable holdings without over stocking
    leading to out of dates and subsequent wastage. This includes recording stock
    purchases in MYOB Retail Manager accurately and sending all invoices to bookkeeper
    for payment.
  • Negotiating with current and new suppliers to ensure economical buying costs to
    enable adequate profit margins are maintained without applying excessive sale
    prices. This is a community store and there needs to be a balance between profit and
    community service.
  • Identify stock items suitable for sale in community and respond to
    community needs as conveyed to the manager from time to time.
  • Ensure that healthy food options are always available and encourage the purchase of
    these items though adequate promotion and display.
  • Maintain accurate sale/income records using MYOB RetailManager and other tools
    supplied for this purpose. Banking to be completed on a regular basis and thorough
    reconcilable records kept for audit purposes.
  • Complete all reports as requested by the bookkeeper in a timely manner. Submit
    timesheets as required.
  • Complete full training of indigenous staff to a high level. Empowering them with the
    knowledge to be able to manage.
  • Maintain staff levels and hours worked to best keep labour costs to an acceptable
    level. Complete rosters in line with regular work loads keeping in mind future events
    and community activities.
  • Liaise with the community board in relation to store direction, hours and future
    development. Keep board informed and involved in plans for development of
    commercial kitchen.
  • Take direction from the community board as necessary.
  • Ensure store is clean, neat and tidy and that work place health and safety procedures
    are adhered to at all times.

Jarlmadangah Burru on Wikipedia

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